Birthday: N/A
Hair: Brown
Country: N/A
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'10
Zodiac: N/A
Weight: 175
Profession: Actor
Body: 7'2
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About: Gym buff David is our response to your insatiable muscle cravings. His well-defined arms and his bulgy chest will captivate you; add to that his deep gaze that can launch a hardon. But what makes him the complete package? His amazing personality and cheerful outlook. Look down to his lower body and you will be amazed by a fat cock, and David's not afraid to use it. In his launching scene at Behind Friends, he tops the hot twink Jace Reed in a steamy post-game shower fuck scene. He's your sporty Behind Friend who plays hard and fucks harder. David has come to Behind Friends, and we're glad to have him for your enjoyment. He's ready to feed on your wildest fantasies.