X-Rated Tackle

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We know you can't get enough of the World Cup fever, and this scene is shot just for you! Football is not just about the game, but also about the passion. We love our players, and we love the game. But in this episode, let's take a sneak peek at the steamy scenes inside their locker rooms and showers.

A small team of football enthusiasts is out enjoying their favorite game and the sunshine. Summer is an excellent time to be outdoors and play sports. The four friends go to their locker room after practice; they're still upbeat despite their tiring training. Tomas leads the fun teasing among the guys and gets some towel hits from the rest of the boys. They take off their clothes and get ready to hit the showers. David, the robust muscle jock carries the light twink Jace on their way to the shower room.

The guys take their showers and Tomas resumes the teasing by slapping David's ass. David passes on the tease to Jace, and Jace does to Jamie. They have a wonderful time freshening up and having a free peak of each other's built bodies and long cocks. Who wouldn't want to be there? They start jokingly picking on David in the shower by blasting him with soap foam and water; it's a super sexy encounter. After a quick rinse, Jamie and Tomas leave the shower room, leaving the muscle jock and the twink alone.

The hot moment begins with Jace and David torridly kissing as they stroke each other's cocks. Cold showers get dicks hard, and Jace's long dick gets close to touching David's abs. Davis puts Jace's dick in his mouth and licking the shaft; he's got an insatiable taste for long and hard twink cocks. Jace stands in pure joy. Jace moans in delight as David licks and sucks his firm ball sack. Jace leans against the wall to get his hole tongued by a rock hard David; Jace's ass is tight and wet, and is ready for some muscle pounding!

David aims his cock towards Jace's ass, now well-primed by his licking and he hits Jace's G-spot in no time, to the pure pleasure of the latter. David penetrates Jace deep; doing a perfect X-Ray tackle of his blonde twink bottom. Jace gets back to sucking David's mouth to give it a good prime, and David puts it back to Jace's ass when it's wet again. Jace spices things up and sits on David's cock as he lay on his back at the shower room's floor. This position is such a great way to have Jace fully fathom the length of his dick. Jace unloads his cum as he sat on David's cock; the first goal of the day met!

Finally, David has unloaded his jizz on Jace's mouth and the twink plays with the cum in his mouth; the second goal of the day met! And what a good way to end their tackling session than a soft and tender kiss.

Jamie Olivier

Age: 26
Body: 6'6
Height: 5'9
Hair: Dark
Weight: 140
Eyes: Blue
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Tomas Salek

Age: 25
Body: 6'2
Height: 5'8
Hair: Brown
Weight: 152
Eyes: Brown
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Age: N/A
Body: 7'2
Height: 5'10
Hair: Brown
Weight: 175
Eyes: Gray
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Jace Reed

Age: N/A
Body: 7'
Height: 5'11
Hair: Blond
Weight: 160
Eyes: Blue
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