Boris Lang

Boris Lang
Birthday: 10 June, 1995 (24 y.o.)
Hair: Blond
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'7
Zodiac: Cancer
Weight: 148
Profession: Actor
Body: 7.5"
  • Videos: 6 (92% )
About: Boris is a college student and in his spare time he enjoys tennis, fitness and sports generally. What a very handsome guy Boris is. He looks so impressive as he poses with cloths. Then he looks even better when he lifts his t-shirt to show off a great set of abs. In the Behind Friends’ scene with Nick Vargas when his t-shirt comes off and the chest is fully exposed, the atmosphere in the room became hotter and hotter. This guy is one very hot stud. Things get even better when he loses set on his pants on the visit couch of Dr Vargas. What a great view that is, his thick thighs supporting his hot body. He flexes his biceps as we enjoy that ass.