Birthday: 15 July, 1995 (24 y.o.)
Hair: Blond
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8
Zodiac: Cancer
Weight: 160
Profession: Actor
Body: 7'
  • Videos: 1 (75% )
About: 25-year-old Dave is a handsome, muscular and sexually adventurous man with everything we like to see in a masculine performer. Although he claims to be mostly straight, he says "mostly" with a cheeky smirk which instantly advertises that he's not so limited. His motto in life is simple, if you're not hurting anyone have fun, and he certainly does that! He works as a mechanic during the day and likes to DJ at the weekends, the latter giving him plenty of opportunities to meet new guys. He started exploring things when a dude at the gym offered him a blow job and he just went with it and soon found himself jerking the guy off in return. The next time they met he decided to suck his first cock and quickly realized that it was a lot of fun. It wasn't long before his DJ work started to involve a lot of sex with other guys, exploring things with men he met at the gay clubs and bars. Surprisingly he has a girlfriend too, but she doesn't mind him exploring fun with other men and says it's a turn on, especially when he finds a bi guy for them to have a threesome. He's a great performer, a real natural as a top, and he has an amazing cock and can deliver big cum loads too. We can't wait to see a lot more of him.