Dirty Angel

Dirty Angel
Birthday: 30 July, 1996 (23 y.o.)
Hair: Brown
Country: Ukraine
Eyes: Gray
Height: 6
Zodiac: Leo
Weight: 158
Profession: Actor
Body: 6"
  • Videos: 2 (95% )
About: Dirty Angel has his name for a reason: behind his angelic and youthful facade lies a naughty monster ready to unleash his sexual prowess anytime. He charms you with a luscious smile, then gets you hooked into him. He's the type of Behind Friend who you want to take home for an evening of endless cuddling after a fancy dinner date. Then enjoy his silky smooth body, playful tongue, and big dick in one unforgettable sexual experience. One of the industry's most experienced talents, Dirty Angel takes you to a sexual journey you never want to end. In his maiden scene on our site with resident hottie, Tomas Salek, Dirty Angel takes control and gives Tomas a memorable orgasm. Why watch Dirty Angel on Behind Friends? The answer is simple. He's hot, he's horny, and he's ready to make you happy.