Jason Clay

Jason Clay
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About: 19-year-old Jason is a gorgeous boy with a twinky body and a constant need to jack off, which is how he came to be in porn. He's not a shy guy so watching porn and stroking his 6-inch cock with his friends was pretty common, and then he found out that one of them was making videos and he decided to try it too. Originally he was thinking it would be solo, or maybe some straight porn with girls, but when he had the chance to get some sucking from another guy he went for it and discovered how good it was. He was soon fucking other boys and sucking cocks too, and he realized he was less straight than he'd thought. When he's not jacking off, sharing his cock with his friends or making his own little videos at home he likes to play computer games, watch movies and play the guitar. He's currently in college and studying programming, when he finishes that he was planning to join a big tech company but now he's thinking about delaying that and enjoying his porn career for a while, earn some good money and travel around Europe. I don't think there's a guy out there who would want to see him leave, but who knows, you might catch him on the road while he's on his travels!

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