Justin Love

Justin Love
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About: With his floppy blond hair and his gorgeous blue eyes, 21-year-old Justin is a dream, and his fit and smooth bod only makes him more delicious. If you think that's all then wait until you see him greedily working on a hard cock and cramming it into his butt! He's a gay boy who mostly bottoms but if a guy wants his 6-inch uncut dick he'll gladly slide up in there. We guess he's got a bit of a reputation for being a horny lad, when he walks into one of the gay bars in town all eyes are on him and he's usually met someone to have some fun with in minutes. It's not always straightforward either, he's a slightly kinky boy who likes to try new things and isn't shy about it, happy to take on more than one guy at a time, trying new positions, having sex in interesting places. He's got a big collection of toys at home, mostly dildos and vibrators, but he likes cock rings and butt plugs too, just for the fun of adding something new to the experience. It's not all about sex, of course. He likes computer games like any guy his age, but he plays cards too, and he's quite good at it. Who would turn down playing strip poker with this boy?

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