Kevin Jade

Kevin Jade
Birthday: 11 March, 1998 (21 y.o.)
Hair: Brown
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11''
Zodiac: Pisces
Weight: 130
Profession: Actor
Body: 7'5''
  • Videos: 2 (90% )
About: We have quite the reputation for finding some of the most gorgeous guys to appear in our videos, so when we first saw Kevin we knew we had to invite him to town to make some great videos. He's simply stunning, with Hollywood good-looks and a great smooth body to go with his handsome face. He's not very experienced when it comes to performing with a room full of cameras and guys directing the fun, but he knows how to enjoy a hard cock and share his own with other boys and it seems he's eager to learn more about the business and explore of a lot of new things. Once he gets started it doesn't take him very long to warm up and start really enjoying himself. Although he seems like he should be incredibly confident, Kevin is actually very shy and quiet until you get to know him. Once you have a rapport with him he opens up and starts to have a lot more fun with you. He can be a little bit of a practical joker too, the kind of boy who might hide something and giggle while you search for it. Never leave your phone unattended and unlocked around him, he'll probably tweet something ridiculous from your account and make you look silly! We hope to make a lot of great videos with Kevin, we know a lot of the other guys can't wait to appear on set with him.