Leo Marciano

Leo Marciano
Birthday: 24 July, 1999 (19 y.o.)
Hair: N/A
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: N/A
Height: 5'6
Zodiac: Leo
Weight: 160
Profession: Actor
Body: 5.8
  • Videos: 3 (77% )
About: Leo might look innocent, but this hard body is more experienced than his fresh face might suggest. Even though he's relatively new to the porn world, Leo has been making serious waves. Then again, with a stunning cock as nasty as his, it's no surprise that his splash would be so big, nor a man wouldn’t be lining up to fuck and suck him. That's how it's always been for Leo, who has often used his youthful charm to turn guys into cock-hungry cum sluts. When he isn't pleasuring men worldwide, Leo takes care of his body to convert himself to the hot fuck machine you see on screen. He spends most of his waking hours at the gym or boosting his stamina with friends. But as much pleasure as he takes in his job, fucking is no game for Leo. When it comes to delivering the dick, he doesn’t mess around.