Max Born

Max Born
Birthday: 12 August, 1983 (36 y.o.)
Hair: Bald
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10
Zodiac: Leo
Weight: 190
Profession: Actor
Body: 6"
  • Videos: 8 (91% )
About: Tall, muscular, and dominant, Max Born brings the brute and domination every Behind Friends audience craves and loves. He is a muscle dad you'd love to play around with. He's the type of Behind Friend you will do everything to impress. He's got high expectations, and disappointing him is something you don't want to do. You will always want to be on his good and tender side. A native Czech, Max is a known actor in the industry, having worked with the biggest brands in gay porn over the past years. He's done some work in straight porn, too. And this depth of experience is what makes Max amazing at what he does. You a BDSM aficionado? Indulge as you watch Behind Friends' resident dominator, ready to bring any of our twinks (and you) to absolute submission.
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jonathhearst 7 months ago

Max is the reason why I joined the site ! what a sexy man !