Birthday: 19 September, 1995 (24 y.o.)
Hair: Brown
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8
Zodiac: Leo
Weight: 140
Profession: Actor
Body: 7'
  • Videos: 4 (88% )
About: Do you ever see that type of guy who has a sweet looking face while still managing to look naughty at the same time? Olaf fits that description to a tee. You know that cute little smile is hiding a more mischievous side. Olaf shows off his sexual prowess in his performances on the site. He knows how to suck a good dick and still takes control while fucking his scene partners like a maniac. As you get to know him better, you’ll see that he plays some different roles. He starts out by seducing the more mature muscular Thomas Friedl in his first scene. In his second scene with Gregor D’arc he tops like a pro. And then in his solo scene he gets very sensual as he fingers his his asshole. While we don’t want to divulge too many details, we hope you’ll stick around to see Olaf show off his penetrative skills in future releases on Behindfriends.com.