Birthday: 07 June, 1999 (20 y.o.)
Hair: Blond
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9
Zodiac: Cancer
Weight: 145
Profession: Actor
Body: 5'6
  • Videos: 4 (88% )
About: If what you want is a jaw-dropping blowjob, Patrick is who you need to watch. He makes any blowjob session so magical; as if it was what he's meant to do. He's our resident power bottom, too! And getting dicks to his tight hole is what he does well. Patrick is boyfriend-material. He loves nature, cooking, and making his boyfriend happy. And being a good sucker and bottom is one of the ways he expresses his love and affection. You can see the great rapport he has with other models in his scenes with us (subscribe to know how many he's done with us). His awesomeness at blowjobs is set to turn you on, as much as it turns on the guys he's worked with. Do you want to see an impeccable blowjob giver? Come and meet Patrick at Behind Friends.