Birthday: 07 May, 2000 (19 y.o.)
Hair: Blond
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9
Zodiac: Taurus
Weight: 150
Profession: Actor
Body: 6.7"
  • Videos: 1 (100% )
About: There's something sexy about seeing a sweet looking innocent young male performing in front of the camera for the first time The real turn on occurs the moment when you see all inhibitions disappear because the action is real and the sex is just that good. Patrik comes to Behind Friends casting couch by way of the Moravian region in the Czech Republic. Even though he's a really bright guy who's into Physics, Math, and Computers, he still doesn't have a lot of sexual experience under his belt at the tender age of 19. Patrik's smooth and silky white skin make him delicious looking enough to lick, while his neatly trimmed hair, adorable looking face and thick uncut cock prove to be indicators of a gorgeous young man in the making. Patrik decided to get naked for us because he wanted to have expand his sexual horizons. In the time span of his first scene with hot daddy Max Born, you'll see an inexperienced young dude slowly relax and become a willing bottom to Max's think rod. When you see how easily his legs go into the air in order to be penetrated to the max, it will be proof that he's willing to open up in more ways than one!