Peter Lipnik

Peter Lipnik
Birthday: 09 December, 1997 (21 y.o.)
Hair: Brown
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9
Zodiac: Sagittarus
Weight: 167
Profession: Actor
Body: 6'3
  • Videos: 1 (84% )
About: Peter Lipnik is the type of guy you take to meet your parents. He exudes seriousness and maturity, yet does not forget how to have a good time. Being versa top certainly makes him a rising star for Behind Friends. His big dick, manly looks, and sultry lips give you a tingling sensation: he makes you fall in love with intimacy and sex. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Peter has the ruggedness of the rural Czech countryside, mellowed down slightly by life in a big city. Strong, yet tender; proactive, yet gentle. He is easy to the eye and light to the heart. In his scenes, you will see a Peter drawn to the polarity of sex. You want him rough, and then he takes a soft turn. You want to be sucked, and he gives your dick a French kiss. You want to be fucked, and he gives you a gentle, pleasurable thrust. His greatest strength as a Behind Friends model? His great body, irresistible sex appeal, and passion for making his Behind Friend feel pleasure like never before.