Peter Uman

Peter Uman
Birthday: 23 July, 1993 (26 y.o.)
Hair: Dark
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9
Zodiac: Cancer
Weight: 135
Profession: Actor
Body: 7'
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About: Peter is a hard working man who's had several jobs over the last few years, mostly working as a waiter, a factory worker, and as a general labourer on a few building sites. He definitely considers himself mostly straight, but he always adds the mostly to that description because he knows guys give great head and every time he's fucked another man he's really loved it. He's one of those highly sexual and open-minded guys who had a few experiences with other men over the years before deciding to get into porn, just things like jerking off and being blown in toilets, but it gave him a little preparation for when he started in porn. He's a top, but with a big uncut cock like his it's probably no surprise that plenty of other guys want to slide down on that thing and enjoy a good ride so he fits in well, so to speak! He's open to new experiences and says he'd like to try an orgy some time, fucking different guys. Let's hope we get to see that big dick enjoying that!
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HamsterJam 9 months ago

You're beautiful Peter. Welcome aboard. More please x