Birthday: 20 May, 1993 (26 y.o.)
Hair: Brown
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8
Zodiac: Taurus
Weight: 140
Profession: Actor
Body: 7'
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About: Bearded, handsome and hunky Ricky is a 31-year-old stud who any gay dude would love to have a good time with, and that's perhaps why he decided to give it a try and see what it's like. He's a hard working man who mostly stays in shape through his job in construction but he likes to work out at the gym too and goes a couple of times a week. When he's got some free time he likes to travel with his girlfriend, they've been planning a big trip around Europe for a while. She doesn't know about him exploring things and discovering what it's like to share his impressive 7.5" uncut cock with other guys but he doesn't think she would mind too much, he says she's very open-minded and would probably think it's a turn-on. He has a fantasy to share a threesome with her and another guy where she makes them suck and fuck, and he's really sure that's going to happen soon.