Birthday: 30 April, 1978 (41 y.o.)
Hair: Bald
Country: N/A
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5.9'
Zodiac: Taurus
Weight: 160
Profession: Actor
Body: 6'4
  • Videos: 1 (94% )
About: Roci is a great addition to the daddy hotties of Behind Friends. He's at the prime of his life, and porn career, and brings depth and experience to his scenes. He's one of the DILF's (Dad I Want to Fuck). He loves going to the gym to keep himself fit and healthy, and his ripped physique is his proof of attendance. And he partners his great body with a beautiful personality: loving, fatherly, and caring. He's the type of Behind Friend you'd take with you to the gym, to give you gym hacks, and a fabulous blowjob in the sauna. If you're even lucky, he'll wrap it up with a shower flipfuck. His first scene with us was with the drop dead gorgeous Ezra Gibson. Roci plays the kind host to the homeless Ezra, who adds an arousing sex session to his signature hospitality. Their chemistry is just abundant and obvious, and their scene is one worth watching and jerking to. Have you met a DILF in your life? If not, Roci is certainly worth a look (and try).