Tim Law

Tim Law
Birthday: 08 February, 1990 (29 y.o.)
Hair: Dark
Country: Slovakia
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6
Zodiac: Scorpio
Weight: 152
Profession: Actor
Body: 5.9"
  • Videos: 3 (83% )
About: Tim Law is the textbook description of a twink: tall, young-looking, and smooth. His eyes speak to you in a different way and level. And he himself is a very expressive guy. Tim is the type of Behind Friend you go to have secret evenings with. He's a secret you would want to keep to yourself, and not let anyone know, ever. And once he's on his birthday suit in front of you, a relentless hardon ensues and there is no going back. No scene is not worth watching with Tim Law. In his solo, his gentle self-touching and his deep stare brings you to an irreversible sexual state; and all you want to do is to stroke your dick harder and harder until cum drips. In his scenes with his other Behind Friends, his twinkiness and hotness are further emphasized. You just want more him, no matter what position he does. Want more of Tim Law? Then keep your subscriptions active (or sign up right now) and be on the loop on what Tim Law does next!