Birthday: 29 September, 1992 (27 y.o.)
Hair: Brown
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11''
Zodiac: Libra
Weight: 170
Profession: Actor
Body: 9'
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About: As you can see from his incredible body, 27yo Tony works out a whole lot. He works as a personal trainer and does a few hours in security every night too, so he's pretty busy. He likes to stay in shape in other ways besides just the gym, going on long hikes with his girlfriend and bike rides with his buddies. He's mostly straight, but he's open-minded, it's probably because a lot of guys who see that gigantic 10-inch cock in the gym showers get a little bit curious about it. He admits he's shared some wanks with other guys before and a few lads have sucked his cock for him, but he's interested in exploring more. He really started off well with us, sucking cock for the first time and fucking a guy in the ass for his debut video. He said he wasn't expecting to like sucking dick as much as he did but he knew a guy's tight ass would feel great. We're glad to have expanded his horizons and we can't wait to shoot more videos with him!
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oxirixos 1 month ago

What a hunk! More of him please!