Birthday: 20 May, 1991 (28 y.o.)
Hair: Brown
Country: Czech Republic
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'10''
Zodiac: Taurus
Weight: 160
Profession: Actor
Body: 7'
  • Videos: 2 (100% )
About: Incredibly handsome, awesomely fit and always horny, Vito is the kind of man who just enjoys sex so much that he doesn't put a label on himself. We guess you might consider him to be bisexual, but he just prefers to view himself as a sexually curious man always ready to share his dick. He's a professional man who loves city life, enjoys movies and concerts, has a very large circle of friends and chases new opportunities whenever they arise, which is why he decided to get in front of the cameras for some great sex with other great guys. You can tell he works out, but he admits that a lot of that is motivated by all the guys he meets. You'll find him hanging out at the bathhouses and gyms around town, always the guy showing off his stiff cock and inviting new guys to come and enjoy it too. He has a lot of things he'd like to try, such as orgies and gang bangs, and we hope we can make some of his sexual fantasies come true. Most of our models have seen him now, and they all want to appear with him and get a taste of that rock solid dick.