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Raw Dicked Basketball Buddies

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Hans is out on the court shooting hoops on his own when local guy Tony comes along and decides to join in. Maybe the big muscle dude got vibes from the fit jock because it's not long before he slapping that tight ass and groping his new friend, making it clear what he's looking for. When Tony finally gets him cornered and goes for it Hans doesn't say no, making out with the handsome hunk and discovering for the first time that the dude is seriously hung. Tony is used to guys being amazed when they see his giant cock so he's not surprised when Hans follows him home and the two get down to business.

With dicks out and rubbing together the two jocks are quickly rigid, frotting their meat and admiring each other's toned bodies, feeling the warm and hard flesh in their hands. It's a good thing Tony decides to suck dick first, his new pal probably needs to prepare. The handsome hunk starts out slow, tentative, perhaps still curious about sucking dick, but with a little taste of Hans' hard inches he's soon bobbing up and down, his own huge manmeat even harder than before. With Hans now stiff and wet he can't wait to get his first taste of his new pal's truly massive cock, grabbing it by the shaft and sucking on the fat head, licking around the foreskin and savoring the taste of pre.

Tony gives his buddy another little suck in appreciation before taking aim at Hans' tight and tanned ass. It seems impossible that the guy can take all that bareback cock inside him but Hans endures, his pucker stretching around the fat dick as the muscled man powers in and out of his hole. Fucked over the table and on the floor, the sheer size of that cock makes Hans gush cum from his dick, splashing it out over himself. Using the lad's load as lube in his ass Tony eases back in to fuck his new friend some more, jabbing his mammoth manmeat in and out with determined thrusts, pulling out just in time to splash hot muscle cum all over Hans' cock, balls and taint.

As Tony crams his cummy cock right back into his friend's aching hole and leaves some of his cum behind the two share a kiss and we know they'll probably be hooking up again.



Age: 27
Body: 9'
Height: 5'11''
Hair: Brown
Weight: 170
Eyes: Brown
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Age: 26
Body: 6.5
Height: 5'6
Hair: Blond
Weight: 150
Eyes: Blue
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