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Tomas Salek's Lucky Day

  • Duration: 18:50


Tomas fills the void of another boring day by watching videos online. Scrolling through dozens of porn (straight and gay), Tomas tries to to find the one that will get his dick rock hard. But this was Tomas' lucky day, as he receives a hand from his behind friend, the Dirty Angel.

A burning desire to unload eats up Tomas on this freezing winter day. Not even the heating is enough to quell the longing to get his jizz of his cold tummy and chest. The porn he watches to turn him on doesn't seem to be enough to get him to the edge. A hand from behind him starts to reach for his semi-hard dick. It's Dirty Angel unleashing the warmth that only his palms can provide.

Tomas's dick gets hard as ice in an instant; he knew that with his behind friend, a happy ending is about to happen. Tomas smells Dirty Angel's crotch as he receives a slow and gentle stroking of his dick. His eyes dilate from the pleasure he cannot explain. His dick pulsates on the hands of his friend, his moans almost inaudible yet felt. Tomas seizes the moment and touches Dirty Angel's dick for the first time. It's warm and bulgy. He beats it to the pleasure of Dirty Angel, who reciprocates by beating Tomas'd dick just as hard.

A bent over Tomas gets ass played by Dirty Angel, first with a gentle slipping of his fingers, which progresses into a toy. Tomas is in delirium; his ass stretched with the help of his behind friend. In the end, Tomas and Dirty Angel jerk each other off, feeling every moment of pleasure each stroking brings. To cap the session, days' worth of cum leaks from both guys' dicks. Tomas had a lucky day, indeed.


Dirty Angel

Age: 23
Body: 6"
Height: 6
Hair: Brown
Weight: 158
Eyes: Gray
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Tomas Salek

Age: 27
Body: 6'2
Height: 5'8
Hair: Brown
Weight: 152
Eyes: Brown
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