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Doing Business with Dad's Friend

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A black car parks on Diego's driveway. He sees his father's good friend, Thomas, walking towards the door. His libido goes on overdrive fantasizing over what can happen between them. Will this be an encounter he will not forget?

The day begins with Diego waking up naked. It's mid morning but there is no rush; today is his day of rest. Like any normal twink teen, he takes his morning selfies and touches his body to get himself pumped up. A little self-touching doesn't hurt on a day like this. Diego heads to have a nice warm bath. He scrubs his body and strokes his dick, with a little ass play helping to turn this twink on. He continues on, getting his dick hard and big; he is horny, and ready to play.

A black car parks on Diego's driveway. Lying on his backyard sofa, he welcomes his dad's friend, Thomas, at the backyard couch of the home as he sips his morning tea. They engage in polite conversation for a few minutes. Thomas lets Diego know that his friend, Diego's dad, asked him to stay at home to work on some business matters. Diego agrees. Thomas takes his spot at the home office, going over some papers as Diego watches from the small couch in the office. Seeing that he could have an encounter with his dad's hot friend, he takes a chance and shows the selfies he took just that same morning. As he looks intently on Diego's naked morning selfies, Thomas begins feeling his crotch, then strokes his dick.

Looking at his dad's friend from the porch, Diego thinks it's now time to strike. He goes back to his dad's office and faces Thomas dick in a dog-style blowjob. The twink almost chokes in pleasure as he sucks Thomas' pole-like dick. The sucking continued until Thomas decided it was the perfect moment to drill Diego's hole. He puts Diego near a cabinet, and feels his dick near Diego's ass. It was pure delight for the young twink; getting the sensation of a real daddy near his hole. Thomas fingers his friend's son, making sure the hole can take his massive daddy cock.

And some hot fucking ensued. First, near the cabinet, where the moans of pleasure and helplessness can bea heard for miles on end. Then they hit the bed, and sideways fucking set the tone for the wildness that was to end what had turned out to be a crazy morning. In joyful pain, Diego moans as Thomas' dick throbs in his hole. Thomas fucks him harder as Diego jerks his rock hard dick. Mouth open, hard, and with shouts of glee he cums all over his tummy, to the joy of Thomas. Thomas shoots his days' worth of load to a smiling Diego's face.

The business of the day was done.


Diego Alvaro

Age: 22
Body: 6
Height: 5'11
Hair: Brown
Weight: 159
Eyes: Blue
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Thomas Friedl

Age: 33
Body: 7.5"
Height: 6'2
Hair: N/A
Weight: 200
Eyes: N/A
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