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More Than "The Usual"

  • Duration: 48:00


After months of having "the usual" sex, Thomas and Max feel bored, cold, and unloved. Max comes home late in the evening tired from work, leaving Thomas sexually disappointed. What can possibly bring spice to this romance once again?

Max, in a desperate attempt to restart their once voracious sex life, had a plan, and brought Thomas to a date he will never forget.
He brought Thomas to a BDSM dungeon owned by a friend just a few blocks away, and bound him with a chain and a ball to his mouth. Thomas salivates helplessly as his boyfriend forces him to submit to his command. Max begins inching Thomas to his dressed body; the heat separated only by one layer of clothing. For Thomas, the sensation was unbelievable.

Tied against the wall, Max plays intently with Thomas' pink virgin-like nipples, much to Max's amazement. He blindfolds Thomas to elevate the anticipation; to bring forth a new level of pain and pleasure known only to those who cannot see. Thomas is now fully under Max's command (and love-spell). A leather leash glazes through Thomas' slender body, and to his dick on its way to a hardon he does not want to resist. His dick is chained to his neck strap, and a titillating leather beating ensued. Thomas begs for more, even if his mind wanted to stop.

Every slap gets more fiery, and the darkness just made every feeling felt. Max puts Thomas on his back getting him ready for some proper ass beating. Thomas resists, but to no avail. His body and soul has surrendered, and he knows it. Max pulls Thomas' hair with full force as he beats his ass with his leather whip, done so brazenly and yet so gently, that Thomas craves for it.

Then Thomas finally gets what he wants; a moment with his boyfriend's dick - he longs to suck it; he wants that dick so bad. Max puts him on his knees to give him a taste of it, then quickly takes it away. Max jerks his and Thomas' dick at the same time, dick-to-dick contact that felt like their whole bodies are drawn together in a tight embrace. It was followed by some fucking, with Thomas still chained and at the hands of his lover. Max puts Thomas in various positions as he pounds his ass, now with more passion that ever before. Thomas seemed to like it, with every thrust feeling like it will never ever end.

But every beautiful thing must come to an end. Max begins beating his and Thomas' dick, with Thomas waiting for a gigantic cum splash unto his mouth. His dick is rock hard and his ass widely stretched. Max doubles the jerking, with his eyes focused on his lover. Thomas seduces his boyfriend with his horny, resigned look, until Max's cum kissed Thomas' face.

As he puts Thomas in his cage to rest, Max gives him the sweetest "I love you".