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Investments in Dick-ments

  • Duration: 22:43


Kane Mra'z and Dirty Angel are bored at the office while the boss, Bastian Karim, is out for a meeting. Once he returns, he walks in on the two sexy hunks screwing around and refuses to pay for the work. Kane Mra'z and Dirty Angel have different ideas on how to make up the time to Bastian Karim, and proceed to seduce our muscled young urban professional.

Kane Mra'z and Dirty Angel are bored at the office while the boss, Bastian Karim, is out for a meeting. With little to do and a great deal of time to do it in, the sexy muscled twinks break out some cards for a stunning game of what looks like Go Fish. Both Dirty Angel and Kane Mra'z get really focused on the game as they have spent the project flirting anyway, and forget that the uber-hunk boss Bastian Karim would be returning at a certain time. Once that time arrives, with our two sexy hunks none the wiser, muscled boss Bastian Karim bursts through the door already stressed from the day’s toils to find the two doing exactly what they shouldn't be doing.

Kane Mra'z jumps up with a perky butt and firm chest; slipping the cards behind him hoping his hot hunk of a boss didn't see them playing. Luck was so far against him that day, with Bastian Karim walking straight up to him demanding to know what Kane Mra'z was holding. Kane Mra'z sheepishly hands the cards over, and Bastian Karim sits down in an angry huff proclaiming he refuses to pay the two lazy pretty boys. With some quick thinking on Dirty Angel's part, he slowly approaches a curious and confused Bastian Karim with Kane Mra'z in tow, hoping to deliver on a job blowing can only be expected at. As Dirty Angel starts to unbutton Bastian Karims shirt as he stands beside the desk, Kane Mra'z begins to caress and kiss Bastian Karim's chest...

'What... what are you doing...' Bastian Karim murmurs while he sits back to allow Dirty Angel ease to remove his pants. Ahh well - they are good workers after all, he thinks to himself, while Dirty Angel takes Bastian Karims firm shaft into hand while a greedy Kane Mra'z right behind him. Dirty Angel slides Bastians Karim hard cock into his mouth while on his knees, and eagerly shares with a muscled Kane Mra'z, ready to do his party.

Bastian Karim was reluctant about this at first, but now, why not enjoy some team building before they all get back to work? The boys just needed a little break, and to blow off a little steam. What is the harm of climbing on this desk while Dirty Angel finger fucks his asshole? Now there is modern management... Investment in Dick-ments. Kane, not to be left behind in this gay office fucking session, crawls under a muscled Bastian Karim to take his dick fully in mouth. Team work!

Both Dirty Angel and Kane Mra'z, knowing a job almost complete when they feel it, crawl down on to knees while Bastian Karim flexes some stomach muscles to cum all over both their greedy mouths in this scenes climax and fadeout.


Bastian Karim

Age: 22
Body: 5.8"
Height: 5'8
Hair: Dark
Weight: 143
Eyes: Brown
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Dirty Angel

Age: 23
Body: 6"
Height: 6
Hair: Brown
Weight: 158
Eyes: Gray
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Kane Mra'z

Age: 28
Body: 6
Height: 5'11
Hair: Brown
Weight: 180
Eyes: Blue
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