;17.2 Mb;;21 The Art of Learning to Swim

The Art of Learning to Swim

  • Duration: 37:00


Tim Law needs to get some swimming lessons and searches for the hottest instructor he can find. Peter Lipnik arrives to save the day, both swimmingly and sexually.

Winter has arrived and Tim Law has decided to find a place with the warmest beaches decorated with the hottest asses to blow out the year with a bang. However, Tim Law never got around to learning how to swim, so he takes a quick look around for hot, muscled swimming instructors to give him a firm hand for his lessons. Not only should this be easy, maybe he can have some tight twinky ass fun as well.

In due course the instructor, Peter Lipnik arrives, and these two ripped hunks figure out who the greedy bottom boy is between the two of them.. but lets get the business out of the way first. They both hop into tight speedoes that leaves nothing to the imagination, cocks bulge through their trunks as the instructor helps Tim Law glide through the water. One brush against the cock, two.. and immediately there is no doubt that the swimming instructor was open to some easy bareback sex as well. They frolic together in the pool, touching and kissing in a lovingly romantic way.. until they decide they have had enough at starting at each others little twinky asses and get down to pounding those tight and muscled behinds.

Back to the romance with these two cock-hungry boys, as the instructor peels off the towel to give him an eager and greedy blowjob, before running his tongue up the chest of our Tim Law, who is oh so eager to do some swapping of positions, sucking the instructors dick with stroking his own shaft firmly.. the instructor gets a little frisky, pushing Tim Law to his knees on the couch.. while readying Tim Law asshole with fingers. Once that knobby ring is good and stretched, the instructor gives Tim Law a ramming felt up the spine and through his gritted teeth. Not to be outdone by this breath-takingly muscled swimming instructor, Tim Law shows some bobbing rhythm while fucking the guy reverse cowboy until the instructor spills all over his chest with hot wet cum.


Peter Lipnik

Age: 21
Body: 6'3
Height: 5'9
Hair: Brown
Weight: 167
Eyes: Brown
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Tim Law

Age: 29
Body: 5.9"
Height: 5'6
Hair: Dark
Weight: 152
Eyes: Brown
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