;17.64 Mb;;21 BallBusting with Nick Vargas and Angel Wicks

BallBusting with Nick Vargas and Angel Wicks

  • Duration: 28:13


Angela is the commissar of the local police station and she loves doing good at her job. For this reason, when she catches a boy jerking off in the mall bathroom, she does whatever it takes to make things right. With the help of his assistant Bob, she brings to justice the man responsible for this naughty crime to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

The commissar Angela raises an eyebrow when she sees the boy from the surveillance cameras walking across the third floor. Almost nobody uses the normal stairs to move around the mall, as everybody prefers the elevator or the escalators. For a long time, Angela had kept an eye to this constant lawbreaker.

She has access to the surveillance cameras of the mall which is fed to the police station monitors, to investigate the frequent thefts in the stores. These cameras provide for very entertaining days in usually uneventful shifts at the station . His assistant, Bob, points out how of this naughty young man’s frequent modus: enter the mall, go to the bathroom on the third floor, which is usually empty, and let on his sinful fetish, jerking himself off in mall toilets. This time, there will be be hell to pay.

Bob heads immediately to the mall to entrap the young exhibitionist. Angela can already see him on the screen, and he is approaching the area of the mall, where the naughty young man is. As in previous instances, she sees him come and leave the bathroom in a matter of seconds.. He then walks around the clothing section, then to the upper floor for a bottle water, and returns to the bathroom. Bob looks at the stairwell and sees him enter the bathroom of the next floor.

There is no doubt, it is him: his fit t-shirt and suspicious demeanor gives him away. Bob reports back to his commissar by radio and approaches the young man calmly. He enters the bathroom and spots him at the last cubicle, through the reflection of the mirror. He approaches and places his hand on the door frame of the boy, despite the fact that there are others free. He pretends a few seconds ...neither of them is making normal use of the service.

Bob locks his sights into the man’s eyes and moves a few centimeters away, leaving visible the erection that emerges from the uniform. The boy, equally horny and hard shows a nasty hard cock in return. Asserting his authority, he gives a chin signal to his deputy; a sign that means to put on the handcuffs. The young man did not resist. “It’s not my turn today, but I’ll have my turn soon!”, Bob says. Bob gives the detainee a naughty grin as they take the young man into custody, and to the police detachment. The dominatrix commissary awaits.

Her interrogation techniques are certainly going to teach the young exhibitionist tough lessons.


Angel Wicky

Age: 28
Body: 38DD-26-36
Height: 5'4
Hair: Blond
Weight: 132
Eyes: Blue
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Nick Vargas

Age: 28
Body: 6.1
Height: 5'8
Hair: Dark
Weight: 134
Eyes: Brown
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