;21.54 Mb;;25 A Gay-Mantic Interrogation

A Gay-Mantic Interrogation

  • Duration: 25:49


Jeffrey is a beautiful muscled gay with an extraordinary sex appeal. He loves to go clubbing as he is a creature of the dance floor. But that night something different happened to him, in the club he feels a strong force from behind, and someone handcuffs him. The club’s security guard brings him in a isolated room for a very gay-mantinc interrogation.

It’s a summer Saturday night for Jeffrey, a beautiful muscled guy with clean looks, short hair, doe-eyed, well-trimmed beard, and an extraordinary sex appeal. He just got back home from a night out with friends at a dance club where he’s a regular. Jeffrey is a creature of the dance floor, and had a wonderful evening as before. A total attention whore, he relishes the attention other people give him; this sense of confidence heightens his sex appeals as he dances his heart out on the floor. All eyes were on him that night, but one caught his eyes most especially; a tattooed guy on the other end of the dancefloor who hasn’t let his eyes off him the entire time.

Jeffrey was oblivious to the gaze this mysterious man set on him as he was busy socializing with a few bears on the dance floor, mesmerized by his sexy dance moves. He was on fire, relishing the attention men around him were giving; it drives him nuts. Tired from a long time of dancing, he goes for a walk looking for his friends but to no avail. He finds a nearby terrace to puff a smoke, sits on a fancy stool and lights up his cigarette and gasp the fresh breeze the open space offers.

As he enjoys his cigarette by the balcony, he notices just below him, one of the bears he danced with, was caught by the man who also looked at him just a few minutes before. He takes the bear to a private part of the club. Shocked, he returns back in the club to find his friends and his other dance partners. The party is on its peak, people dancing and having a great time, but it the haze and darkness make it difficult to find his friends or other people he knows…

A strong force from behind Jeffrey suddenly rushes, and someone handcuffs him. A warm voice whispers in his ear, “Shut up and follow me if you don’t want to make matters worse.”. As the crowd eats out the rest of the club’s space, and the music drowns out any other bits of sound and noise, the man takes Jeffrey to the private area of the club where the bear before him was taken...


Jeffrey Lloyd

Age: 25
Body: 7.3"
Height: 5'11
Hair: Brown
Weight: 154
Eyes: Brown
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Thomas Friedl

Age: 32
Body: 7.5"
Height: 6'2
Hair: N/A
Weight: 200
Eyes: N/A
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