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Kissin' Cousins

  • Duration: 35:33


Max and Thomas are invited by Nick, the Thomas’ cousin, in his chalet to spend some vacation days. The atmosphere in the house is getting hot and for some unpredictable events Max and Nick begin to feel some physical tension. The situation will bring them to consume carnal love behind Thomas’ back, spending a very horny time together.

It is a shiny day of spring. Max and his boyfriend, Thomas, are invited to spend easter holidays to the chalet of Thomas’ cousin: Nick. He is young handsome, and his most attractive attribute is his smile. Thomas spoke highly of Nick; his jokes and the good times they spent together in their youth. Max is ecstatic to finally meet him. Since their arrival in the chalet, Max and Nick have connected well; Nick has been such a hospitable host. He prepares a very romantic room for the couple and a delicious dinner for them. At dinner, Max realizes that his boyfriend was right; Nick is a very pleasant man and he is having a good time. Add to that Thomas’ charm, his soft muscled body, and the fit t-shirt that shows his toned upper arms.

A hot bath in a beautiful jacuzzi awaits the couple after dinner, courtesy of Nick. It’s straight out of a fairytale, a good place to spend time with his partner in romantic bliss. Max heads to the bathroom waiting for Thomas and leaves the door half-open. He undresses and starts to slightly caress his body to present to his boyfriend with a big present. When he gets in the Jacuzzi he notices through the mirror that someone outside was spying on his movements. He first thinks it to be Thomas, as the fog from the jacuzzi steam blurs the view. Deep inside, he wishes it’s Nick. Following a naughty exchange of lustful looks, Nick runs away just in time before Thomas comes to the bathroom.

It’s that time of the evening to make love; two horny lovers soaked in the privacy of a beautiful jacuzzi in the countryside. Yet, Max pictures Nick at every corner of the room; silently wishing that Nick be there to join the fun. His hardon is inspired by the thoughts of Nick: the tender host of this getaway. Max dreams of Nick, playing out fantasies that he knows will only stay in his head… for now. He loves Thomas, but Nick is just too nice and insatiable.

He wakes up ahead of Thomas and comes to the dining room to think. He distracts himself with reading a magazine, but it is useless; his mind is fixated with Nick, and all the naughty things he’d wish they were doing together. Nick arrives after buying breakfast for his guests, and is bothered by a weird noise emanating from the kitchen of the chalet. Surprised, with a bit of delight, he finds Max stroking his cock, exactly how he saw him the previous evening.

Nick sits with him, trying to control himself to not touch him, but the sight of Max’s arousal sucks him into a passionate one-night stand with his cousin’s boyfriend.


Max Born

Age: 35
Body: 6"
Height: 5'10
Hair: Bald
Weight: 190
Eyes: Green
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Nick Vargas

Age: 28
Body: 6.1
Height: 5'8
Hair: Dark
Weight: 134
Eyes: Brown
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