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Dr. Vargas knows how to cure his patients

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Dr. Vargas is a young doctor that knows always how to cure his patients. He always knows the properly way to solve their problem with his focused treatments. This time is the turn of Boris, a nice muscled boy with some belly pains. Dr. Vargas, quickly finds quickly the cause of it and helps him to forget the pain with his best cure: the pleasure.

Boris is a nice muscled young boy; he has two magnificent blue eyes, a beautiful, and a respectable genital apparatus, always excited and ready to do his duty. For some time, perhaps because he is eating too much in that period he has some problems. He suffers pains in the belly, that occur frequently especially during the night. That's why he decides to visit a specialist to solve it. Boris sought advice from a friend, and he was recommended to see Dr. Vargas: a young professor, doctor and surgeon, known among the community as an intelligent and competitive doctor. He’s also known to like boys. Boris, doesn’t care too much about the doctor’s desire for boys. He was desperate to find a doctor who can diagnose his ailment and give a cure.

Boris finally visits Dr. Vargas after another pain-filled night. As usual, he waits for his turn to see the doctor. Boris is captivated by the doctor’s great charm: round blue eyes, well-toned body, and a pleasant and calming presence. One can see Dr. Vargas’ chest hair in his tight shirt; an almighty bulge is also an inescapable sight when one looks down to his pants. Dr. Vargas invites Boris to the treatment room for his check-up. The doctor asks Boris a series of questions in a calm and pleasant manner. After all the questions, the doctor orders Boris to undress so he can examine his body further. Boris obliges, to the delight of the horny Dr. Vargas.

Left in his pants, Boris approaches the couch to relax. The doctor starts to listen to his heartbeat with a stethoscope and puts it under his left breast; he also tries to listen to his heartbeat, now a bit faster than usual. Dr. Vargas moves the stethoscope and hits Boris’ nipple several times, causing them to get harder. Boris hopes that Dr. Vargas doesn’t notice it, but it’s too late.. Dr. Vargas brings his warm and tapered hand towards the center of his belly, just slightly above his navel. Boris now feels a certain strange sensation, a little bit of pleasure he knows he is not supposed to feel. The doctor starts touching his belly more and more, asking questions as he goes, but Boris is struck in the pleasure he is getting from the doctor’s fine touch.

The doctor starts massaging Boris’ tummy; the patient is in inexplicable pleasure. Boris, in his head, wants to resist it; it’s just not who he is. But with the doctor putting his hard cock in his mouth, Boris decided to enjoy the ride.
“Now I want to examine the intestine deeply" he says, and lowering the pants with both hands and pressing softly near his pubis. He begins to palpate the belly, strongly: presses hard with the hands from the navel to the groin and releases it suddenly.

"Do I hurt you here, isn’t true?" Boris feels a stinging right there.
“Your appendix is a little bit inflamed”. Then continue the palpation of the stomach.
“By the way, who did you send to me? How did you get my name? From some friend? "He tells him the name of Max who advised the doctor. Suddenly Boris notice a different smile on his face "Ah ... well ... very well! I know him very good! "

Under his hands the stretched belly undergoes a real pleasant massage. He starts to touch his body in an unusual way, moving down his underwear. Dr. Vargas, quickly put Boris’ cock in his mouth to help him to forget the pain with his best cure: the pleasure.


Nick Vargas

Age: 28
Body: 6.1
Height: 5'8
Hair: Dark
Weight: 134
Eyes: Brown
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Boris Lang

Age: 24
Body: 7.5"
Height: 5'7
Hair: Blond
Weight: 148
Eyes: Gray
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