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The Early Morning Guest

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In an early morning of summer David is sleeping with her couple Angela. Meanwhile, Angela’s son, Travis, is joining the couple bed desiring to fuck his stepfather as he discovered some days before that his mum is just a cover

In an early morning of summer David is sleeping with her couple Angela. At first look they are a very sweet couple, he is very kind and always takes care of her. She is a beautiful blond girl with a nice curvy body and an attractive look. They moved together a few time ago in her house where is living with Travis, her previous partner’s son. The atmosphere at home is very familiar and they love to share their time together. Everything i going all right for them, at least it seems.

Two nights ago when Angela still was in the Police station where she works, David was alone in the house looking for some relax from the ordinary life. He wanted to chill on the sofa and play for a while with himself. He started touching his body, thinking about some fetish desires that lately jumped in his mind. He got totally naked on the sofa, watching some horny porn and jerking himself.

Unexpectedly Travis, a young twink boy that is come out of the closet and that night he was going out with his volleyball teammates. But that night the boy he really likes was kissing with another one and he went back home earlier because of the disappointment. With his big surprise, when he arrived to the fireplace he caught his stepfather jerking on the sofa. He entered quietly because it was a bit embarrassing for him the situation, but he needed to cross the dining room to reach his room.

So quietly he sneaked behind the man and he noticed that he was watching some videos from his favorite gay porn website:! He was shocked at the moment because he realized that his mother was just a cover for him. So he ran away to his room slamming the door and suggesting to his stepfather that he was caught.

From that moment, the atmosphere at home starts to be a little bit weird. Angela doesn’t know at all what the son saw, but it is clear that there is some tension between his boyfriend and his son. As she is very occupied with her job in this period, she doesn’t care too much about the situation at home. But between the two guys of the house something unusual was happening: casual but meaningful glances that each lasted a second too long.

Therefore, the young guy that is very confused about what he really wants in his sexual life, he dreams about some dirty stuff with his stepfather… that honestly is very attractive for him. He is a muscle man, with long hair and a wild look. His skin is bronzed and he likes small details that actually could suggest that his relation it’s just a cover. For this reasons when he wakes up with a stunning hard cock because the dream, he decides to take the plunge and join the bed of the couple.

His mum is deeply sleeping and David was sexy as never before. Without thinking too much about the consequences, Travis starts to touch his stepfather; before the chest, following with a sweet kiss good morning. David that is still half sleeping doesn’t understand what is exactly happening but he follows the game when he realizes who he was. Finally, he just chases what his instinct is telling to him: fuck that naughty twink boy!


Angel Wicky

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Body: 38DD-26-36
Height: 5'4
Hair: Blond
Weight: 132
Eyes: Blue
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David Kadera

Age: 32
Body: 5'9
Height: 5'9
Hair: Blond
Weight: 204
Eyes: Brown
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Age: 31
Body: 6.7"
Height: 5'10
Hair: Brown
Weight: 150
Eyes: Blue
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RealRoman 1 year ago

Wow, this is so hot! I wonder if they'll try to repeat it on the next day!! I'd wanna watch that video too