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Poolside Fuck-athon

  • Duration: 33:52


At the end of his working day, Leo is used to spending some time in the swimming pool of the SPA where he works. In that place, he meets Andy, another worker of the SPA which raises his sex drive meanwhile he is working on the maintenance of the swimming pool. The atmosphere gets hotter with the guys that joke together on the poolside and sharing the cane of Andy. This dirty game it will convert in a true moment of sexual chemistry, with moments of forbidden sex at the workplace.

Another day’s work is over for Leo, a young masseur boy who works in an SPA in the center of the city. He loves his work and he is amazing doing it, the customers always appreciate his magic hands. He is the best at giving moments of idyllic pleasure and always does the best he can in it. It has been a very tiring day for him, especially during his last session with the young Lukas, who has sucked him every ounce of energy.

That's why at the end of his working day, he is used to relaxing for a while in the SPA’s pool where he works. He loves to spend some time there, with the feet in the water, to release the tensions accumulated during the day. He usually puts on his favorite swimsuit, the one he won at the contest of “Sexy masseuse of the city”, which allowed him to get this job. Actually, it is daring as a swimsuit, but Leo is a very cheeky boy and the truth is that he loves to emphasize his launch box.

Today, as always at the closing of the spa, Andy, the maintenance man of the pool, is cleaning the surface of the water with his long cane. Leo really likes to see him at work, he loves to watch how his biceps stretch and contract when he handles his tool, even more, when he bends over to get the pool thoroughly cleaned. Andy is an older man compared to Leo, almost twice his age, but he has a sex appeal that delights Leo. It seems strong and secure when he moves; he has short hair, dark and mysterious eyes, but overall a massive and muscular body that would give envy to many youngsters.

Leo jokes often with him, they know each other, their eyes crossed several times in the past, suggesting that there was a certain interest in the air, but nothing ever happened. But today there is some electricity and the two workers start playing together with Andy's cane. It is a very sensual game, Leo slowly moves the tool while Andy guides him to fulfill it in the right way until the young man comes closer and closer looking for a physical contact.

Suddenly, spontaneously, the guys crash each other and their lips join together, starting a flash of irrepressible passion. Andy with his long experience makes maintenance of all the holes of the young masseur, giving him a moment of memorable passion and fun in the workplace. By the way, let’s hope that the boss doesn’t notice the blaze which broke out in the pool.


Andy West

Age: 41
Body: 5.9
Height: 5'8
Hair: Dark
Weight: 178
Eyes: Brown
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Leo Marciano

Age: 19
Body: 5.8
Height: 5'6
Hair: N/A
Weight: 160
Eyes: N/A
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