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A Natural Love

  • Duration: 31:05


The nearby lush forest park hosts Patrick and Jamie's first romantic date. The greenery around them is a reminder of the freshness of the feeling of first love. Their forest sex is just as luscious, with the passion and intensity of a young, budding romance.

Holding hands, Patrick and Jamie walk along a trail at the forest park. It's their first date; and a forest picnic is the setting for this memorable moment for the two young men. Patrick seduces his date with a sensual eating of a banana, which his partner shares with him. They share a drink and some pleasantries, but the rush of young libido dominates the picnic. Jamie pulls Patrick closer to him, clenching his thigh, and asks if his partner is horny. Jamie grabs Patrick's dick, and puts his hands on his dick. Patrick is horny, too, and the sex begins.

Jamie takes off Patrick's shirt and starts sucking his nipples, and licking his chest. He continues to play with Patrick's dick; now his hands making it inside Patrick's pants. Patrick returns the favor briefly, sucking Jamie's nipples and playing with it using his tongue, but the handsome face and romantic looks of Jamie prompts him to give him a sweet, yet sensual, kiss. Patrick begins sucking Jamie's big and hard dick. He licks it like a lollipop, and tries not to hide the great pleasure he feels as he sucks it. Jamie facefucks his date, and gives him a brief break by asking Patrick to lick his dick. Jamie's cock is now wet and rock hard.

Not wanting to leave his date unhappy, Jamie returns the favor, and puts Patrick's dick in his mouth as he laid him down the picnic mat. He sucks the shaft and jerks the rest of the dick, taking Patrick to great pleasure. With a primed cock, Jamie puts Patrick on his side, and slides his wet cock in his tight ass. Patrick moans in deep pleasure; the beautiful encounter of his ass and Jamie's dick. He holds onto the mat to get some relief; Jamie's dick is just too big for his virgin ass. Patrick's moans get louder and louder as Jamie's dick drill him deeper and deeper. The fucking continues with Patrick sitting on Jamie's cock. The pleasure for Patrick intensifies, but so does the pain. Wanting his partner to cum before him, Jamie puts Patrick back to their first position, and relentlessly fucks him as her jerks off his dick. Patrick's eyes is fixated to his date, who is doing everything to keep him pleasured. He bathes Patrick with kisses, and bites his nipples.

"I want to cum in your mouth", Jamie says, and in his mouth, he cums, indeed; his cum, dripping from Patrick's mouth to his chin. Patrick collects the rest of the cum and puts it in his mouth, not wasting the hot jizz from his first date's cock. Imagine how the second date will go...


Jamie Olivier

Age: 27
Body: 6'6
Height: 5'9
Hair: Dark
Weight: 140
Eyes: Blue
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Age: 20
Body: 5'6
Height: 5'9
Hair: Blond
Weight: 145
Eyes: Blue
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