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Caged Desires Part 1

  • Duration: 34:22


Seeing his slave exercise and getting his foot worshipped is Commander Thomas Friedl's idea of foreplay. Thomas Fiats, his willing slave, is happy to oblige; he enjoys this degrading treatment as much as his master.

Thomas Fiats spends most of his day in a cage within his master's barracks. He's been living there for a while; ever since he decided to join Thomas Friedl's military training course. Friedl awakes his caged slave; it's time to begin their working day. He wakes him up with shouting as he unlocks the cage. He grabs him by the head and puts on a blue beret on him.

He then asks Friedl to do high squats to get him to wake up as he issues loud orders and commands. Unsatisfied, Friedl puts on a gas mask to Fiats' face as he hits him in the head. Fiats starts to do push-ups and gets a stomping from Friedl when does not do it right. Fiats obliges, with labored breathing.

Friedl throws Fiats to the nearby sofa; Fiats falls back to the floor. Then, Friedl orders him to start kissing his legs and pulls him close to his hard dick. Fiats hesitates to suck Friedl's dick at first, but a huge and hard dick is just too tempting to further cage his sexual desires for his master. Fiats sucks Friedl's dick, even choking at times. His sexual desire is now free to express, and he doesn't stop enjoying Friedl's hard dick. Fiats goes down to Friedl's balls, licking it as he rims his tight ass. Friedl shoves Fiats' tongue to his ass, getting his ass wet.

Friedl puts his slave in dog style position and starts to fuck his ass deep; moans of pain and pleasure can be heard from Fiats. Fiats sits on Friedl's dick, making his ass tight to give his master maximum pleasure. Fiats' dick, semi-hard, slams his tummy and Friedl's balls. His desires are caged no longer, and he has unleashed raw sexual energies towards his master. Friedl's cum is on its way, and he fucks his slave faster and faster. He unloads his cum on Fiats' face, and face fucks his slave to sip all the cum away. Holding his hair firmly, Friedl asks his slave to cum on his boot, and Fiats cums as ordered. Fiats licks his own cum splattered all over Friedl's boot.

Fiats is thrown back to his cage; his sexual desires are caged back there with him.


Thomas Friedl

Age: 32
Body: 7.5"
Height: 6'2
Hair: N/A
Weight: 200
Eyes: N/A
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Thomas Fiats

Age: 29
Body: 7"
Height: 6'
Hair: Blond
Weight: 139
Eyes: Blue
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hans143 1 year ago

More Thomas Friedl! He's so hot!!! Love when he is mean to cute boys!