;26.49 Mb;;22 Caged Desires Part 2

Caged Desires Part 2

  • Duration: 20:06


Commander Thomas receives an unexpected visitor in his barracks; a young and curious aspiring soldier named Patrick. The commander spares no time and leads the aspirant towards his dick to get him his first taste of military sex.

Patrick heads to the barracks of a well-known Czech commander, Thomas, for an interview. Serving his country has been a lifelong dream, and this is the first step to reaching his goal.

The young aspirant arrives in the commander's quarters and sees a fully naked and muscular man inside, and a young man inside a cage. The surprised commander asks Patrick to come in.

Thomas gets Patrick to suck his hard dick. The young man follows the commander's orders, but his teeth get in the way of a smooth blowjob. The commander, clearly agitated, tells him to be careful with the teeth. Patrick enjoys the blowjob and enjoys the feeling of the commander's dick in his mouth.

Patrick changes places and sucks Thomas' dick as he knelt on the sofa. This position gives him a better angle to deep throat the commander's gigantic cock. The pleasure intensifies as the commander lifts his legs for Patrick to give him some licking of the balls. He clenches Patrick's head with his foot, an indication of the great joy he derives from the moment. Patrick licks the shaft repeatedly and gets his tongue to Thomas' hole.

Wanting more rimming, Thomas squats on the sofa to give Patrick better access to his hole. Patrick takes the chance and licks Thomas' hole wet, to the commander's amazement. Patrick's irresistible talent in rimming takes the commander to unspeakable levels of sexual pleasure.

Patrick interchangeably sucks and licks the commander. The commander's aggressiveness seems to have wound down; that is a mistake. Equally aggressive as when they began, Thomas pulls Patrick by the hair to a kneeling position. The Commander can't hold his cum any longer and unloads it in Patrick's mouth.

Patrick is accepted and takes his place in the cage where new recruits are put.



Age: 20
Body: 5'6
Height: 5'9
Hair: Blond
Weight: 145
Eyes: Blue
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Thomas Friedl

Age: 32
Body: 7.5"
Height: 6'2
Hair: N/A
Weight: 200
Eyes: N/A
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