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Pizza Party

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Blue eyed hunk Boris wants to surprise his roommates with a pizza with an extra sausage. Which of the two delicious dishes would they enjoy first?

What could be a better way to spend an afternoon weekend than having a pizza with your friends? Boris knows this, and orders pizza to share with his roommates David and Dom.

The pizza has arrived, and Boris puts a hole in the middle of it to surprise his roommates. With his dick now inside the pizza box, he calls Dom and David to join him at the living room. Dom opens the box, and to his and David's surprise, Boris' dick is sandwiched in the middle of the pizza.

David starts sucking Boris' pizza as he gazes at Dom, then Dom takes his turn at sucking. The extra sausage, once lying on the pizza, is now up and ready for more sucking. Dom heightens David's sex drive by jerking off his equally giant sausage. The jerking off quickly escalated to sucking. It's now David's turn to have his sausage sucked, and Boris and Dom hapiily obliges. Dom takes care of the cock, now rock hard, and Boris takes care of his balls. They take turns to suck David's dick until it's properly stood and up.

The roommates take turn sucking and facefucking each other, and proceeds to another type of eating. Forming a sex train with Dom at the head, Boris rims his hole and jerks him, while David does the same for Boris. Making pun of their funny sexual conquest, Dom makes the sound of a chugging train. Towards the end, Dom gets the full attention of his roommates, and his dick gets to pound David's and Boris' mouth. He cums first, saucing up Boris' tongue to the latter's pleasure.

With proteinous cum in his mouth, Boris passes for the pizza and offers it to his hungry roommates.


Boris Lang

Age: 24
Body: 7.5"
Height: 5'7
Hair: Blond
Weight: 148
Eyes: Gray
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David Kadera

Age: 32
Body: 5'9
Height: 5'9
Hair: Blond
Weight: 204
Eyes: Brown
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Dom Ully

Age: 29
Body: 5'9
Height: 5'6
Hair: Brown
Weight: 134
Eyes: Blue
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