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Pleasure in the Dark

  • Duration: 30:51


The subtle kiss of yellow lights on the dark backdrop, and Steaven's sensual touch, arouse Sanchez's deepest sexual desires. Watch as the two engage in extremely passionate sex in a scene that you'll never forget.

Sanchez sits on the platform waiting to be pleasured. Behind him, a lean Steaven takes his place and gets ready to make love. He seductively caresses Sanchez's body with the tenderness of a secret lover, arousing Sanchez's deepest fantasies of romantic sex.

The two start stroking each other's hard dicks, now ready for the brewing affair. Steaven handles Sanchez's dick like a feather; lightly and delicately. Their dicks touch and they keep the foreplay going with a mutual jerkoff tease. Emotions and libido run through the roof. With his angelic charm, yet devilishly magnetic sex appeal, Steaven puts all his attention to Sanchez's rock hard cock; Steaven sucks his dick and clearly relishes every minute of it. He deep throats Sanchez's dick and gives it a tantric massage with his tongue as it rubs within his mouth.

Sanchez returns the favor and works Steaven's massive dick with his mouth and tongue; his sense of enjoyment in full display. Steaven lies motionless in erotic joy as his cock makes its way inside Sanchez's tender mouth. Sanchez takes it slow and steady; he gets Steaven's cock head all prepped up and sucks deep without notice, causing Steaven to be pleasantly surprised. Sanchez proceeds on sucking as Steaven feels his smooth and lean chest. Wet dicks are meant to enter tight, wet asses, and Sanchez slips his cock inside Steaven, who sits on it with great delight. Steaven relishes Sanchez's hot dick pounding his butthole; the sensation of a moderately sized dick pulsating like a love spear in his ass.

Sanchez puts Steaven on his side and fucks him deeper and further. Steaven moans in a mix of abundant pleasure and a bit of pain. He strokes his dick as Sanchez continues to fuck him; his immense pleasure kissed by the mellow lighting that highlights his physique. Sanchez's fucking intensifies as he gets close to cumming. He splatters his man juice on Steaven's abdomen as Steaven jerks on. Not too long, Steaven unloads on the same spot. They end their sexual sojourn with a romantic kiss, witnessed by the light that shone upon them.


Sanchez Lopez

Age: N/A
Body: 7'
Height: 5'10
Hair: Black
Weight: 160
Eyes: Brown
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Age: 27
Body: 6"
Height: 5'10
Hair: Dark
Weight: 160
Eyes: Blue
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