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Tomas and Andy Loosen Up

  • Duration: 21:21


What could be better than an afternoon of deep sexual pleasure and an awesome blowjob? Tomas Salek and Andy West cut their sexual strings loose and engage in a steamy afternoon blowjob.

Andy has kept an eye out for a while for his hot young buddy Tomas, and who hasn't? Tomas is young, muscular, and oozing with boisterous sex appeal. He's the full package, and Andy knows it.

He takes Tomas back to his apartment after a great lunch date; today is the day to consummate their sexual desires. Andy can't hold his urge any longer and undresses Tomas just shortly after they enter the door. He unbuttons Tomas' shirt and is welcomed by a chiseled chest. Andy puts his tongue in action and plays with Tomas' nipples. Tomas does the same.

Tomas rubs his dick, still inside his pants, to Andy's as he ensues seductive play of Andy's nipples. Andy returns the favor and reciprocates the sensuality with romantic kisses. Both undress and continue humping each other's clothed cocks. Andy takes his pants off and Tomas grabs his hard cock and jerks it as he sucks his nipples. The hot daddy moans in absolute delight. Tomas takes off his pants, too, and starts blowing Andy's fat dick.

Tomas can't seem to have enough of Andy's dick. It's fat, long, and hard. Tomas doesn't want to get Andy's dick off his mouth, and he sucks on as Andy's grins become more and more audible. It's now Andy's turn to enjoy Tomas' dick, and he sucks it with a vengeance! He licks the shaft and deep throat Tomas' dick and interchanges between jerking it and putting it in his mouth. The hot dad's blowjob skills are impeccable!

The time for Tomas to cum has come and Andy intensifies his strokes and sucks of Tomas' cock to get him close to unloading. Tomas assists by jerking his dick in small intervals before handing it back to Andy.

Tomas spreads his warm jizz over Andy's neck and chest, ending their blazing hot afternoon.


Andy West

Age: 42
Body: 5.9
Height: 5'8
Hair: Dark
Weight: 178
Eyes: Brown
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Tomas Salek

Age: 26
Body: 6'2
Height: 5'8
Hair: Brown
Weight: 152
Eyes: Brown
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