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Ezra Comes In For a Ride

  • Duration: 33:48


Jeffrey Lloyd is out with his producer friend to find some hot, sweaty sex. His producer gets him someone young and charming, and they're picking him up from his house! Jeffrey is curious and is in anticipation. A seemingly shy Ezra hops into their van, with a cheeky smile, and an awesome surprise.

Jeffrey and his producer friend are driving through the exurbs of the Czech Republic, looking to film a spontaneous scene. But the producer had a surprise for his trusted friend and talent; he has set him up with a young, timid friend of his who also happens to be a porn star. Jeffrey sits in curiosity and anticipation; who could his playmate today be? After a few more minutes of driving, they come to a quick halt to pick up Ezra, who enters the van with a big charming smile. Jeffrey sizes up his playmate for the day who appears timid; oh boy he is badly mistaken.

The producer dares Ezra to take his shirt off, testing his confidence, and he does so with no hesitation. He follows it with taking off his shorts. Jeffrey approves of his playmate, and the producer wishes them a great time. The two start kissing intensely; Jeffrey takes off his shirt and starts stroking Ezra's smooth man meat. They continue kissing and, in the process, makes the producer horny.

Jeffrey starts a quick tongue play of Ezra's nipples and heads down to give Ezra a hot deep throat blowjob. He can't seem to resist Ezra's young, smooth shaft, and sucks it deeper and deeper. Jeffrey can't stop himself from worshipping Ezra's cock. It's now Ezra's turn to return the favor and he grabs Jeffrey's humongous and hard dick. He puts Jeffrey's gigantic dick into his mouth, getting it to the end of the shaft. Jeffrey surrenders in awesome pleasure. Ezra then heads to eat Jeffrey's butthole, giving his partner an enjoyed grin.

Jeffrey offers to fuck Ezra, and Ezra obliges happily. He slides Jeffrey's dick inside his tight ass as Jeffrey plays with his nipples that are within his tongue's reach. Jeffrey's massive cock is making a dent in Ezra's ass, and Ezra moans in pain. He rides Jeffrey's dick deep and like a jackrabbit. Ezra lays Jeffrey down the van's seat and puts his dick in his ass, as he showers Jeffrey with passionate kisses. He fucks Jeffrey with all his energies, but his greatest happiness is being fucked by Jeffrey. So Ezra lies down and lets Jeffrey take over his ass as he takes Jeffrey's dick. Jeffrey cums in Ezra's mouth with a big creamy load that splatters around his body and the van. Ezra does not waste a drop and gets some into his mouth.

It's a great filming day, indeed.


Ezra Gibson

Age: 26
Body: 6'5
Height: 5'8
Hair: Brown
Weight: 140
Eyes: Green
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Jeffrey Lloyd

Age: 25
Body: 7.3"
Height: 5'11
Hair: Brown
Weight: 154
Eyes: Brown
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