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The Photoshoot

  • Duration: 20:30


Olaf's long-life dream is to be a successful porn star, and today he comes to Thomas Friedl's studio for a photo shoot. As hea bears his body, ass, and dick to the buff photographer, Thomas gets aroused by the beautiful hard cock in front of him. Will Thomas get his hands on his model today?

Olaf's long-life dream is to be a successful porn star, and today he comes to Thomas Friedl's studio for a photo shoot. The photographer has a secret fetish for twinks, and he looks into the hot physique of his model for the day.

Thomas starts taking pictures of Olaf, first with his pants on. As the shoot goes on, Thomas asks Olaf to take off his pants and do more intimate poses. First, Olaf teases the cameras by partially showing his semi-hard dick, then he turns around to moon the camera. Finally, Olaf holds his firm dick in front of Thomas, who takes close-up shots of the dick in front of him, as he choreographs the neophyte model. Thomas gets Olaf's dick harder by slightly jerking it off.

Thomas can't hold his horn any longer and starts to get Olaf's dick into his mouth. The model appears amused by the blowjob from the muscular photographer and indulges his desire. Thomas proceeds with the shoot, now taking shots of Olaf's bent ass. He continues jerking Olaf's cock, ending up jerking both their dicks.

Olaf goes down to his knees and starts toying with Thomas' cock using his mouth; Olaf can't get more of the muscle jock's hard cock. First, he gets Thomas' dick firmer by giving it a nice handjob, then interchangeably tongues the shaft and sucks his dick halfway. Thomas, visibly fascinated by Olaf's sucking skills, continues to take photos.

Thomas takes on a new vantage point and lies just below Olaf's ass to take photos of his ass from a different angle: but he can't seem to let go of Olaf's hard cock and still jerks it as he takes more photos of his ass. Finally, he puts his camera down and invites Olaf on an intense mutual BJ. The photographer and his subject just can't hold it any longer and devours each other's hard cocks nonstop without any disturbance.

Thomas releases his jizz on his model's face and ends the day's session.



Age: 24
Body: 7'
Height: 5'8
Hair: Brown
Weight: 140
Eyes: Brown
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Thomas Friedl

Age: 32
Body: 7.5"
Height: 6'2
Hair: N/A
Weight: 200
Eyes: N/A
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