Naughty Twinks

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Two twinks play inside an empty room with just a sofa. Gregor lounges down the sofa as he enjoys stroking his massive dick. A horny Olaf comes up to watch his friend. Will he join and have some naughty fun?

Gregor is cozily laid down on the sofa, stroking his semi-hard dick; this naughty twink is ready for some hot action today. His friend, and also a naughty twink, Olaf, emerges from behind the sofa, gazing at his friend's dick play. His smile brightens Gregor's face: he knows this will be a great day. Olaf reaches for Gregor's cock and puts it in his mouth. Gregor's dick starts to harden, with the help of his naughty friend. Olaf jerks it interchangeably, to the sight of a pleasured Gregor.

It's time to take their naughtiness further and Olaf jumps onto Gregor to give him amorous kisses. His dick, now as hard as Gregor's, rubs onto Gregor's dick and body. Gregor's lips are supple and are a delight for Olaf to kiss. Gregor leans towards Olaf and puts his hard cock in his mouth; his tongue orbiting Olaf's large shaft. He puts Olaf's dick deep into his throat and gets it out only to meet his wet tongue.

Olaf returns the awesome favor of Gregor's blowjob by putting his tongue on Gregor's virgin hole. He then puts his finger to loosen his asshole a little more, to the delight of Gregor. Olaf is priming Gregor's hole for a nice, romantic fuck. Olaf injects his fat cock to Gregor's primed hole and begins fucking his cute bottom doggie-style. Gregor's dick swings like a pendulum from the deep throb of Olaf's cock; his face filled with sunny joy.

They change their position to give Olaf a better vantage point to fuck his partner, and Gregor can now see his top eye to eye. He fixates his sight to his partner, as Olaf's dick seeds him deeper and deeper. Olaf finally lays Gregor on his back to the sofa and plants his cock one final time to his partner. Gregor strokes his hard cock with a smile on his face as he glances at the intense facial expression of his partner. Olaf puts Gregor's legs together, making his asshole tighter, bringing slight pain to Gregor.

It's time to cum and Olaf aims for Gregor's mouth. Olaf's jizz lands in its intended spot, Gregor's mouth, and Gregor ensures that no drop of Olaf's jizz is wasted. Gregor unloads his cum on his tummy, milking himself to the last drop. Both twinks are pleasurably exhausted as cum drips from Gregor's mouth and dick.


Gregor d'Arc

Age: 21
Body: 6"
Height: 5'8
Hair: Brown
Weight: 120
Eyes: Green
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Age: 23
Body: 7'
Height: 5'8
Hair: Brown
Weight: 140
Eyes: Brown
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