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Weeknight Action

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After a long day, Marcus is ready to unwind in front of the television. However, Olaf has other plans. This quiet evening at home turns into a sweltering weeknight sex session. This is one of those rare scenes where you get to the see the smaller twink top a somewhat larger guy.

If you enjoy seeing differently proportioned bodies together, this video will be a treat to watch. It's nice to see a thinner twinky dude top a guy who's a little meatier.

Olaf and Marcus are a young couple living together in the city. Both guys work very hard and come home at the end of the day pretty worn out.

On a boring weeknight, Marcus is stretched out on a cot in the living room trying to decide what program to watch..

His lover, Olaf, walks in and stands over Marcus wanting a little action. Marcus insists on watching TV. Olaf is intent on getting some play tonight so he tries to take the remote out of Marcus's hand. After a gentle game of tug of war, Olaf manages to snatch the remote and throws on the TV stand. Olaf then leans over Marcus and the two start making out. After some gentle passionate kissing, Olaf's hands make their way down Marcus's ample chest all the way down to his zipper, and Olaf unzips Marcus's jeans in order to release his hard cock. Olaf gives Marcus some good head. Afterward, Olaf takes off his own pants and then lowers his body towards Marcus so their two dicks can meet each other in Olaf's hands. The two gaze at each other while rubbing their two hard-ons together.

Marcus can't resist any longer and gets up on all fours, still on the cot, while Olaf stands in front him. Marcus eagerly starts sucking Olaf off, deep throating his member like a champ.

Marcus then turns around so Olaf can stick his big cock inside his round muscular ass. Olaf penetrates him gently and starts with some slow doggy style fucking while giving a few light slaps on his fat cheeks. Marcus moans with pleasure as Olaf works his way into a good rhythm.

Olaf stops for a minute allowing Marcus to get up. After a few light kisses, Olaf sits down on the cot so Marcus can ride his dick in a reverse cowboy. Marcus hoists himself on Olaf's shoulders while going up and down on his hard dick. Olaf takes control again by fucking Marcus faster and faster. The two then switch to side by side with Olaf continuing to pump Marcus’s ass. Still groaning in ecstasy, Marcus starts stroking harder and harder. Brought to the edge by having Olaf's erection inside him, he shoots his load all over his stomach. Olaf isn't quite finished as he keeps on fucking Marcus's tight hole. After reaming Marcus some more, Olaf pulls out and stands up. He then shoots his spunk on Marcus's chest. The lovemaking ends with some short wet kisses.

The lives of two busy young professionals can get pretty tiring. However, some weeknight passion is a good way to keep the excitement in a relationship.



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