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Just Like Always

  • Duration: 34:01


Did you ever have a crush on your mailman, bank teller or even a bagger at your local supermarket? Or have you ever been attracted to a regular customer at your own job? A lot of great relationships actually start that way. Well, in the case of Steaven, who owns his own hair salon, and Thomas Friedl, one of his regular clients, this professional relationship was bound to become a lot more intimate due to their mutual attraction to each other. And one cool thing about this scene is that you can see Steaven show some actual barbering skills as he gives Thomas a real buzzcut.

It’s a sunny Summer afternoon in the city, and Steaven is inside his upscale hair salon busily cleaning his equipment. Thomas Friedl, one of his regular clients, walks right in the door and down the steps. Steaven’s face lights up the moment he sees Thomas, and they both greet each other by name. You can tell they were both looking forward to this appointment. Thomas tells him, “like always” while running his hand in front of his forehead. Steavan knows how Thomas likes his hair cut, and this is another indication that these two are already pretty familiar with each other. In addition, Thomas stands with his right foot hunched up on the last step and his left foot on the floor intentionally putting his big bulge on full display for Steaven.

The two navigate back up the steps towards the sink so Steaven can shampoo Thomas’s hair. It’s right here where you can see the sensuality start to flow. Thomas leans back in the chair and relaxes while Steaven runs the water over his head. He gently lathers and rinses Thomas scalp. While drying off his head, Steavan asks Thomas if he likes that, and Thomas replies with a faint, “super!”, under his breath. By this point, it’s obvious these two are really into each other. They go back to the lower level over to Steaven’s salon chair. While putting the cape onto Thomas, Steaven says, “So, like always you said.”. This leads to a flirtatious exchange between the muscular stud-like Thomas and the slender euro chic looking Steaven. The conversation starts with Steaven asking Thomas if he’s free later and Thomas proposing lunch. Steaven continues to trim Thomas’s head with a razor while the two talk about what restaurants they like and what they’re in the mood for.

By this time, you’re probably saying that it’s a good idea that these two are finally talking about getting together outside of work. When Steaven finishes up by brushing the hair off Thomas and removing the cape, he turns the chair towards him and simply asks if they’re done. This is where a cute little interest in each other turns into carnal lust because Thomas bluntly tells Steaven they’re not done yet. He unzips his jeans and releases his giant cock that has obviously been aching to get out for some time. Steaven starts stroking Thomas and then gets down on his knees so he can his dick in his mouth. Evidently, Steaven has been waiting to do this for a while because he sucks and licks with fervor.

Thomas decides to return the favor and makes Steaven stand up. He unbuttons his shirt to reveal Steavan’s milky white skin and then unzips Steaven’s pants so you can start sucking him. It’s always hot to see a muscle daddy go down on a twink. After some heavy stroking and blowing these two are ready to fuck. Steaven leans over his chair so Thomas can penetrate him from behind. Once inside Steaven’s tight hole, Thomas doesn’t waste any time going to town on him. You can tell he’s been waiting to tap this ass for a while. It’s also a nice contrast in complexion when you see the larger olive-skinned Thomas topping the smaller fair skinned Steavan.

After doing it doggy style for a little bit Thomas moves into the chair so Thomas can ride him reverse cowboy. While going up and down on Thomas’s rod, Steaven is really turned on. You’ll see his engorged cock bobbing up and down the whole time. Thomas give Steaven a nice slap in the ass to let him know it’s his turn to get back in the chair. Steaven easily crouches down into the chair with he legs in the air. Thomas inserts his dong easily into Steaven’s willing hole and continues to fuck him. This is the best position because we get some good close up shots of Steaven’s red rosebud while Thomas takes his cock all the way before inserting it again balls deep.

After plowing his new lover for a while Tomas is ready to blow his load. He keeps fucking Steaven hard until he can’t hold back anymore and dumps his juice all over Steaven’s balls. Even though he’s already gotten off, Thomas Friedl is a good top and makes sure Steaven cums as well. This torrid encounter ends with Steaven shooting all over stomach and then two guys exchanging a few sloppy wet kisses.



Age: 27
Body: 6"
Height: 5'10
Hair: Dark
Weight: 160
Eyes: Blue
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Thomas Friedl

Age: 32
Body: 7.5"
Height: 6'2
Hair: N/A
Weight: 200
Eyes: N/A
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