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Old City Romance

  • Duration: 32:43


What better way is there to end a leisurely day of strolling around the beautiful city of Prague than with a round of passionate lovemaking? Sanchez and David are enjoying their visit to this venerable old city, and they show us how much they’re really into each other when their afternoon bleeds into an evening of hot sex in their Bed and Breakfast. You’ll also get a treat in this video because the beauty of Old Town Prague is put on display.

Sanchez Lopez and David are a handsome couple visiting Prague. They are enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon in the Old Town. At the beginning of this video, not only do you see the younger David and slightly more mature Sanchez having a great time, but you also see some spectacular views of the city.

After a day of strolling around and chatting while holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes Sanchez and David finally end up in front of their bed and breakfast as evening approaches. The scene fades to the bedroom where the lovers are caressing each other and trading some sloppy wet kisses. With the way these two passionately embrace each other, it’s obvious they’ve been ready to get naked for a while.

David is laying on his back against the pillow while Sanchez’s hand makes its way to David’s erect penis. He starts slowly jerking David off before lowering his head so he can take David’s hardness into his mouth. Sanchez eagerly sucks David off until it’s his turn to receive some oral attention. He gets on his knees so he can lean back on his hands and put his erection front and center. David takes every inch of Sanchez into will his willing mouth, and you'll love the sight of Sanchez's uncut dick.

But why stop there? Sanchez then leans on his side so David can give his furry hole a nice rim job. David eats his lover's ass with fervor and literally tongue fucks Sanchez to get him ready for the real fucking that comes later. Sanchez's hairy ass will have you stroking by this point as well.

Now it's time for these two young studs to start fucking. They are both laying on their sides when David first penetrates Sanchez. The two start fucking harder and harder until it's time for some reverse cowboy so Sanchez gladly sits on David's cock and starts bouncing up down. You might come close to busting your own nut when you see and hear David's low-hangers pound against Sanchez's butt while he fucks him.

So now it's Sanchez's turn to fuck and David gets on all fours so he can take Sanchez's hard on up his ass. Sanchez grabs his lover by the hips and starts fucking him slowly but eventually picks up the pace and gives David's firm cheeks a few slaps. David decides to get on his back so Sanchez can fuck him some more. In this position, David's furry hole is fully exposed while it's being filled by Sanchez's bare cock. By this point, David is in the throes of ecstasy because he starts stroking harder and harder as Sanchez fucks him faster and faster. David can't hold back any longer and shoots his load all over his carved abs. After this, Sanchez pulls his dick out and starts jacking off right in front of his lover's face. He then finishes this hot fuck session by squirting his jizz all over David's face and mouth. Talk about the perfect ending to the perfect day!

As always, we strive to create some interesting dichotomies with our scene partners. There's some great contrast not only in the small age difference between these two guys, but the differences in complexion, Sanchez being more olive skinned and David being paler, are pretty striking in this clip. We hope it livens your senses!



Age: 20
Body: 7'
Height: 5'11
Hair: Blond
Weight: 160
Eyes: Blue
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Sanchez Lopez

Age: N/A
Body: 7'
Height: 5'10
Hair: Black
Weight: 160
Eyes: Brown
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