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Sexual Graffiti

  • Duration: 27:27


When real-life bodybuilder Boris Lang finds slender street artist Dom Ully spray painting graffiti on an underpass wall, he wants to join in the fun. Ultimately the action moves beyond this and ends up being another great flip-flop scene. You’ll love seeing Boris Lang’s impressive physique being put on full display along with his beautiful round ass!

One of the great things about filming content outdoors is that sense of realness it brings to the production. This week’s torrid sex session between Boris Lang and Dom Ully happens in an underpass where you hear the traffic rushing by and all the noise of the city in the background. When you see these two guys going at it, you’ll notice that their cocks are always erect so they were obviously into each other. Picture a gritty hidden underpass in the city. This is where urban street artist Dom Ully is busily applying spray paint to the concrete wall in order to put the finishing touches on his latest piece of graffiti. Muscle Hunk Boris Lang comes along and sits down on the steps, but it’s obvious he’s not there to chill out by the way he’s staring at Dom’s hot slender body from head to toe.

Boris gets up and decides to go over to Dom. He approaches him with a “Hey Man!”, and bro-like fist bump while letting Dom know he’s into his work. Boris picks up a can of spray paint, and the two dudes start painting together. After standing side by side for a few minutes the sexual tension gets the best of Boris. He puts down his can of spray paint and starts french kissing Dom. Boris's cock is bulging right through his shorts as they make out, and he unzips so he can release his hard-on. Dom gladly squats so he can suck Boris off. Once his shorts are down to his knees you'll swoon at the sight of Boris's meaty quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

One of the best things about this encounter is how these two guys take care of each other. This reciprocation starts when Boris pulls Dom by his arms so he can get down on his knees and return the favor. While Dom gets a blowjob from Boris, you'll notice that Dom's perfect cock is a full attention. The colorful artwork these two guys were working on a few minutes ago is the direct background as well. Now it’s time to fuck. Dom gladly bends over the steps, and Boris sticks his hard dick in Dom’s ass. You get to see Boris pump his beautiful round ass as he goes in and out of Dom's hole. While Boris is still drilling Dom, he pulls off his shirt to reveal his Adonis-like physique. This dude is pumped!

Dom wants more man meat so he takes Boris's shirt and spreads it out on one of the steps so he can lay down on his back. With one leg propped on Boris's shoulder and the other on the ground, Dom's ass is an open door to Boris's stiff prick. While this is happening Dom is busily stroking. This is one of those scenes where you don't see the bottom go limp while he's getting fucked. These two are really into each other. Eventually, Boris decides to pull out, and Dom sits up on that same step. Boris then walks overs and lowers his bubble butt onto Dom's hard rod. This is one great reverse cowboy because Boris uses one of his huge arms to stay propped up while wrapping his muscular ass cheeks around Dom's pole. There are some great moments here where Boris's hard cock is bouncing up and down while getting fucked and his visible foreskin covers his long shaft.

Now it's time to put the finish touches on Dom's masterpiece. These two young studs are now standing up facing the concrete wall and stroking their tools, and Boris's beautiful backside is fully visible. Dom is the first to cum as he shoots his white guy juice against the blue paint on the wall. Now the attention moves to Boris, and Dom is still standing next to him jacking off. Boris lets out a few moans before releasing his load on the wall as well. This is another great camera angle because Dom's sweet little ass is put on display while you can see Boris rubbing it out onto the wall from a distance. So after these two dudes empty their balls what are they going to do next? They pick up where they left off and grab their cans of spray paint and continue working totally naked. But what's wrong with that? I don't think anyone will have an issue with Boris Lang's bare ass.

As always, we try to make our content as interesting as possible. Not only did we bring you another flip-flop scene this week, but we still managed to create some good contrast between performers. What's hotter than seeing a bulky stud like Boris get fucked by a thinner and gaunt looking guy like Dom Ully? Happy Stroking!


Boris Lang

Age: 24
Body: 7.5"
Height: 5'7
Hair: Blond
Weight: 148
Eyes: Gray
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Dom Ully

Age: 29
Body: 5'9
Height: 5'6
Hair: Brown
Weight: 134
Eyes: Blue
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