;37.51 Mb;;28 New Arrival Troy Vara Gets Max's Second Load of the Night

New Arrival Troy Vara Gets Max's Second Load of the Night

  • Duration: 28:09


Big muscle man Max Born is the kind of guy who can reload quickly, which is quite apt considering he's attending the Halloween party as one of the hottest cowboys we've ever had the pleasure to see!

He's already delivered an epic load for greedy new arrival JD Black, sharing the young man with fellow hottie Kane Mra'z, but knowing there's more fun to be had upstairs with Troy Vara and hunky young Boris Lang he's eager to crash that little party too. We enjoy a little recap of the horny fun the boys have had downstairs, but soon it's time to extend the pleasure as we follow the big man up to interrupt Boris blowing Troy in the bathroom.

He might have just shot a big load but his incredibly thick cock can't say no to another greedy mouth, feeding jock boy Boris his tool. New arrival Troy soon becomes the focus of his attention, and rightly so, the young man might look pretty freaky in his disturbing bunny costume but his uncut boner is simply delicious. Max gobbles the new guy, showing him his oral skills before getting the same back from our fresh faced noob, revealing that this young man certainly isn't new to worshiping a glorious length of manmeat.

Now that we know Troy can suck a dick and lick a big pair of balls like a pro, can he open up that snug little ass and take that thick bareback shaft up it? It turns out he can, and with gusto! With his furry costume discarded Troy takes that dick from behind, then gets up on the counter for a deeper thrusting that ultimately takes him over the edge. As Max pumps away at his tight pucker the orgasmic waves take over, making young Troy launch cum from his cock in a messy climax, semen spurting out over his beefy body.

Max loves the sight of a messy finish, he's moments away from pulling his own big bate cock out and launching his second wad of the night!


Max Born

Age: 36
Body: 6"
Height: 5'10
Hair: Bald
Weight: 190
Eyes: Green
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Troy Vara

Age: 25
Body: 7'
Height: 5'11
Hair: Brown
Weight: 145
Eyes: Brown
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Boris Lang

Age: 24
Body: 7.5"
Height: 5'7
Hair: Blond
Weight: 148
Eyes: Gray
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Kane Mra'z

Age: 28
Body: 6
Height: 5'11
Hair: Brown
Weight: 180
Eyes: Blue
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JD Black

Age: 19
Body: 6.5"
Height: 5'10
Hair: Brown
Weight: 150
Eyes: Brown
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